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1975 Original Black K5 Blazer

Original 1975 K5 Blazer In Need of a Little TLC

There is a squarebody Blazer for sale in Orange County, California and it’s a model that came out in 1975. It’s selling for only $24,000, which is a great deal considering that this K5 Blazer came out during the last year when the hardtop retracted fully from the windshield to the rear. Before 1973 and preceding 1975, the top came off from behind the front seats. This feature makes this Chevy Blazer rare already.  Owner of this blazer has it listed on Craigslist.

Features (Pros and Cons) of the K5 Blazer for sale

This squarebody Blazer for sale in California still has its original black paint, which is hard to come by nowadays. The paint code is found on the Service Identification Sticker. GM (General Motors), being the parent company of Chevrolet, might have thought of standardizing their paint code since they produced so many vehicles. Yet, the paint is still so hard to find because of the confusing paint code format. Thus, this vehicle retaining its original black paint is a blessing.

Another great thing about this K5 Blazer is that it still has the original options sticker from when it came out of the showroom. The sticker is usually found in the glove box, and it contains all the RPO code, which designates how the squarebody Blazer was built.

While retaining a lot of its original features, such as the hardtop, the pain, and its RPO sticker, this truck is infused with many new parts to make it run better. It has new rims and 35″ tires, and its 350 engine has 400 automatic transmission. It also has a new fuel pump, water pump, alternator, and power steering pump which runs well and allows driving ease. The lifts seem to be 4″ rancho lifts. There are only 63,000 miles on the odometer, which means that the vehicle hasn’t been used much, and there’s not much wear and tear on the engine itself. It’s also smog exempt, which means that it passed smog inspection by the state of California.

The engine itself seemed to have retained most of its original parts, but the hoses under the hood need to be detangled. The chassis looks to be well maintained, too, since the welded parts are still very much intact. The seat covers are all original, except for the driver’s seat. The air conditioning is still the same that came out from the factory, albeit missing a compressor. It also still has its original console, but the stereo is new and has Bluetooth installed. The door speakers are also new.

History of the 1975 Chevrolet K5 Blazer

This two-door 4×4 is a great vehicle, and it functions both as an off-roading vehicle and a family truck, depending on the owner’s preference. It was only in production for three years, and the models that came out in those years were the ones that had the fully retractable hardtops. It’s a sports utility vehicle that drove beautifully on and offroad, and since it was based on the pickup truck, it was large inside and allowed a lot of legroom. The big wheels also made on-road driving smoother than most of its SUV counterparts during those years.

According to MotorTrend, the 1975 K5 Blazer was able to maintain its full-convertible original model design while mounted on the modern chassis and drivetrain of the truck of the future. Aside from having the hardtop, a soft-top was also available, allowing easier top removal and lesser mechanical wear and tear upon retraction.

Final Thoughts

The rims and wheels are pretty awesome, but it would look better with the original rally wheels. However, as long as it runs, it’s good. Unfortunately, the driver’s seat was replaced, suggesting that it used to be in a terrible condition. Cleaning this 1975 K5 Blazer would make it look so much better, especially if the wiring is fixed. The hoses under the hood need caring for as well, but overall, it’s a great catch. This 1975 Chevy K5 Blazer is a good investment if you’re into maintaining vintage trucks. Pictures show that it’s been maintained from the day it came out of the factory, with minimal repairs. Distresses on the machine seem to have been caused by time, but the owner took great care of it to be the vehicle it is today.

Author: Jason Skinner

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