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How Many NASCAR Tracks Are in California?

The NASCAR tracks in California continue to offer a profound contribution to the development of NASCAR as an epic sporting enterprise. 17 tracks in California have hosted NASCAR events, but only the first three on our list are currently in use by NASCAR. Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum makes its debut as a NASCAR host in 2022, bringing the total number of California NASCAR race tracks to 18 (1).

NASCAR recently released the new 2022 schedule, and seasonals like ourselves are very excited by some of the new and unexpected changes affecting California race tracks. According to Forbes magazine, NASCAR is making a “bold move” by switching out the traditional opening exhibition race, known as The Clash, from Daytona Beach to Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum (2). The Clash opens the racing season at this California NASCAR track in February 2022.

Ben Kennedy, a NASCAR Senior Vice President, describes the Los Angeles, California, fan base as the largest in the nation. Fans are also excited about the newly released 2022 racing schedules as the legendary California NASCAR track, the Auto Club Speedway- also in Los Angeles- returns to the Cup schedule for 2022 after a hiatus in 2021 caused by health restrictions (3).

Check out our complete list of California NASCAR tracks for some historic fan facts and more of the latest NASCAR news (4) (5).

Currently Active California NASCAR Race Tracks

All three active NASCAR tracks in California offer unique audience experiences. NASCAR is courting brand new fans, and based on California’s fan base history, this is the state to charm and bedazzle crowds and gain audience numbers. With a new track, new cars and new debut procedures, NASCAR is showing the love for California fans. Attendance is almost guaranteed to increase for the 2022 season (6).

Auto Club Speedway- Fontana, California

The Auto Club Speedway is a 2-mile super-speedway owned by NASCAR. Recent NASCAR news reveals plans to transform the Auto Club Speedway into a short track soon.

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum- Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum is a short track, one quarter of a mile long. As we mentioned, it will be the new host of the NASCAR Cup series. This will be the very first time that the Coliseum has hosted a NASCAR event, and The Clash will also feature the much-anticipated debut of NASCAR’s Next Gen car. The LA Memorial Coliseum is a historic venue known for hosting the first Super Bowl, as well as the Olympics.

Sonoma Raceway- Sonoma, California

Speedway Motorsports. Sonoma Raceway offers a complete entertainment experience with camping and many vendors. NASCAR returns to the Sonoma track in June 2022. Jeff Gordon had five famous wins at Sonoma Raceway. As a road course, Sonoma offers fans the opportunity to see right turns and has a winding pathway as opposed to the more traditional oval circuit.

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