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List of Ford Car Shows for 2021

Ford cars and trucks can be seen at every classic car show around the country.  Here is a list of car and truck show that host Ford and Lincoln specific models.   Here’s the list of some of the most anticipated Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln Car Shows for 2021. June 4-6, 2021 – Carlisle Ford […]

List of Cars and Coffee Shows in the San Francisco Bay Area

Here’s the list of Cars and Coffee Shows for 2021. 2nd Saturday of every month – Cars and Coffee Santa Rosa 3rd Sunday of every month – Cars and Coffee Petaluma 3rd Saturday of every month (April-November – Cars and Coffee Livermore 4th Saturday of every month – Cars and Croissants 3rd Sunday of every […]

The Differences Between a Mustang Fastback and a Coupe

If you are around car guys for exceptionally long, you may just hear a classic debate over which mustang is better, fastback or a coupe.  Both have their advantages in performance and styling which can make it hard to choose a favorite.  Being an owner of a 1965 ford mustang in the past, I have […]

What is an Eleanor Mustang? (Specs, History, and Prices)

Image by Gone in 60 Seconds Hollywood have been producing iconic movie cars for decades by radically modifying what we drive on the daily.  Well in the late 1990’s the concept for what would be the most copied and reproduced movie “character” ever created. There are many pieces that go into making your mustang fastback […]

What is a Chevy C10 Truck? (And How to Spot Differences)

The term “C10” has evolved as classic truck slang, used when mentioning any classic Chevrolet truck.   When someone says, “Hey I saw a bunch of C10’s rolling down the freeway”, they are generally saying a group of Chevy trucks.  However, a true Chevy C10 only carries over a few decades and three generations of trucks. […]