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List of all Chevy C10 Truck Shows for 2021

Chevy C10 trucks can be seen at every classic car show around the country.  The C10, and squarebody, have become the platform to build your favorite truck from back in the day. C10s are so popular many events have decided to host just these Chevy trucks from the years 1960 to 1987. As a side […]

What is a Chevy C10 Truck? (And How to Spot Differences)

The term “C10” has evolved as classic truck slang, used when mentioning any classic Chevrolet truck.   When someone says, “Hey I saw a bunch of C10’s rolling down the freeway”, they are generally saying a group of Chevy trucks.  However, a true Chevy C10 only carries over a few decades and three generations of trucks. […]